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Runtime changes

While Cbjs aims to be compatible with the official client, if you rely on unsound behavior, a tiny change may result in a different runtime. For this reason we list here the tiny changes in Cbjs that may affect your existing project.


You are affected if: you pass a timeout of 0 in some operation.

If you pass a timeout of 0 to the official library, it will fallback to the default timeout. Cbjs will use your value of 0. You can pass undefined to use the default timeout.

Data structure size

You are affected if: you use CouchbaseSet, CouchbaseList, CouchbaseQueue or CouchbaseList on a invalid document and try to get its size.

When using a data structure helper like CouchbaseSet, you can get the size of it by calling CouchbaseSet.size(). But if this document is a binary document for example, the official library will return undefined. Cbjs will throw an error instead.

// Before : undefined
// Cbjs : throws an error
const dsSize = collection.set(binaryDocumentKey).size();


You are affected if: you create an instance of the class DocumentId and test the properties before you've set them.

When creating a new instance of the class DocumentId, its properties were initialized to an empty string. This is no longer the case with Cbjs.